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Andrew M.

I think there is a sense of profound dislocation that happens either immediately after one graduates or immediately before. There comes a time when the strictures of academia no longer bind you, and you realize that the only thing keeping you going are your own desires and internal motivations. At that point, one does begin to question everything.

This happened to me when I graduated from undergrad unexpectedly a semester early. Classes were still going on -- including some in which I had been a participant -- but I was alone and strangely no longer bound by any of it. It was truly an odd feeling, a kind of transition and "adulthood" I'd never experienced before. After a short time, I realized that I still did have my own little community of intelligent people, and that I still did have desires and motivations. (One of those people was the Nepalese head waiter at a campus hangout restaurant, with whom I had many pleasant conversations about farming using oxen.)

(Yes, I read the blog. A guilty pleasure...)

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