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Parc Guell

September 06, 2004

Apparently this is where we should have started in Parc Guell - at the front entrace, complete with map. However, Lisa and I took a more creative approach. Silly me, I asked the front desk guy at our hostel how to get to Parc Guell. His first answer: "a pie" (you walk). Thanks, buddy. When I asked for more specific info, he just said to follow the signs. What he didn't say was that the signs were quite sparse, not located at intersections, and that they ended completely at a definitely non-Parc-Guell-looking park consisting of trees and rather plain paths. Lots of paths. Going all directions. With no signs. Well, I take that back. We eventually found two "signs," both graffiti spray-painted in black onto stone retaining walls next to each other. One said "Gaudi" with an arrow to the right; the other said "Tourists are terrorists" with the anarchy symbol to its right. So, as a street-smart tourist, do you a) follow the Gaudi sign, or b) assume that the Gaudi sign was also painted by the anarchists, who have left some bizarre trap waiting for you down that path?